Fun game for all ages

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Fun game for all ages

Viesti Kirjoittaja Rosariokris »

Papa's freezeria a game about running a restaurant, you run a dessert shop while the owner is away. At several places, serve the customers their favorite sweets by getting their orders right. Try to serve everyone without making any mistakes so that you can get the most tips. Then you can use your hard-earned money to improve the freezer, the dessert areas, and the whole look of the shop.
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Re: Fun game for all ages

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infinite craft - Weave a tapestry of creation unlike any other. From the humblest beginnings, craft intricate ecosystems teeming with life, or forge awe-inspiring civilizations that span the breadth of galaxies.
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Re: Fun game for all ages

Viesti Kirjoittaja jesse99 »

This game is so much fun. I love the challenge of getting all the orders perfect to maximize those tips. It's super satisfying to watch my Retro Bowl shop upgrade with all the new freezers and decorations.
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Re: Fun game for all ages

Viesti Kirjoittaja miajackson1117 »

Enjoy love tester as a fun game to create an atmosphere, don't be too important about the results. However, if one day, you suddenly want to check the love tester results of you and someone, then you already like that person.
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